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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Year with Golden Triangle Destinations India


A new year means a lot to people. Its holiday season, it’s the spending season. All of us want to do something special, be somewhere special and feel special.

A new year means a lot to people. Its holiday season, it’s the spending season. All of us want to do something special, be somewhere special and feel special. What we want is to be surrounded by happiness and a good feeling, soaked in which, we can enter into a New year.

If you are planning to welcome the New Year, staying in India there are quite a few places which can make this occasion memorable for you. December end is wintertime. The weather is perfect to set out for a journey and thus it is most sensible to make this Golden Triangle Tours the best trip possible. Let’s look at the destinations which make this New Year special for you:

Goa: Goa is known around the world for its brilliant beaches and vibrant culture. New Year’s Eve in Goa, means packed hotels, streets teeming with people in party mood. You have joyful music being sung by youthful singers on one side and vibrant prayers of churches resounding on the other. You can see fireworks making sky their canvas and electric bulbs of thousands of colors turn the city into a painting. The world famous beaches, the overflowing clubs and pubs, the overnight parties and festive markets can give you more joy than you can ask for. So, if you are looking to enter the New Year in Goa, make your bookings now on Goa Golden Triangle.

Delhi: Delhi is the heart of the country. If you can imagine it, you gotta get it in Delhi. It has all the glamour of the modern world, with touch of the Punjabi culture. If you want to party, Delhi is a perfect place.

Agra: Taj Mahal, this is mostly what Agra is known for. In India, if you think of love, you think of Taj Mahal. Most people think that this is the only thing that is worth seeing in Agra. But you have other great places like, Akbar’s Tomb which built in the middle of lush green gardens with at least a 100 deers in it, the Red Fort, the walls of which are the epitome of strength, Fatehpur Sikri, the one time capital of India and many other historical monuments. Also, you can visit Mathura, Vrindavan and Jaipur which are in the same trip circuit. All these places are near Agra and make for a Agra Golden Triangle perfect getaway.

Khajuraho: This place is known the world over for its Kamasutra. You can have a wonderfully great time here, if you want to enjoy Indian Culture, Bundelkhandi music, over the top architecture and artisan-work and of-course wildlife. You can make a trip to cover the Khajuraho, Orccha, Panna circuit, with a few other historically important locations on the way and have a great time.

Jammu: If you see Goa as the most vibrant and youthful destination of the nation, you have J&K on the other side, which is no less than a paradise. It has been called paradise by many in the past and it surely lives up to the name in the winters. Snow draped valleys of Kashmir can make you wish to spend the night enjoying by the campfires.

Kovalam: Kovalam beach is the most well known destination of Kerala. The beach is knows for its unparalleled vista, lost in which you can spend hours. If you are a couple and want your year end to be spent in the utmost romantic way, Kovalam should be your choice.

Bangalore: The IT city of India has a lot to offer through out the year, but on the New Years Eve, Bangalore is at its special best. Parties and celebrations are all around and you can be part of them to have a great time. The city is very developed, clean and safe and thus you can great times no matter when and where it is. If you are in Bangalore this new year, excitement will never be far away.

Andaman: If you want to enjoy the best beaches, Andaman is the best place for you. Connected by Flights from Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi, this is a breath taking location with beaches which are amongst the best in the world. If you are looking for a peaceful, romantic and secluded new year, go for Andaman.

Leh: If you an adventure freak and want to do something different, Ladakh is paradise for you. You can walk on frozen rivers, skid on frozen lakes 100 kilometers wide, you can drive through deserts which are chillingly cold or even have a camel safari. The roads to Leh are closed in winters and you will have to go there by flight. But if you want to experience something out of the world and can handle temperatures as low as -50 degree Celsius, you just have to go to Leh.

Mumbai: If you talk about Glamour, you talk about Mumbai. You can be a part of overnight parties studded with stars of Bollywood or of television fame. You can have a great time at cafes, in shopping malls, on seasides, in the local markets or even at many of the concerts and parties that keep happening throughout the holiday season. Maybe you can hang out in South Mumbai or have a great time places like Essel World.

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