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Saturday, December 25, 2010

About The Golden Triagle Taj Mahal and Agra Tours

When it comes to visiting the mausoleum, the ideal time to make a Golden Triangle tour to Taj Mahal is between October till late March. The tour to Taj Mahal during this period will be an amazing expedition to explore the hidden beauties of the mausoleum. As the whether of Agra is humid and hot, aGolden Triangle tour to Taj Mahal during this period will be a favorable one as the whether is pleasant and you can explore this epitome of love to the fullest.

- The Taj Mahal is opened to public view on specific timing of the day. Except Friday and public holiday, the monument is open for public. The exact timing of the Taj Mahal is from 6:00 in the morning to 7:30 in the evening. However, the ticket counter is open till 5:30 in the evening.
- The entry fee for the Taj Mahal during the daytime is approximately Rs 970 for foreigners and for Indian visitors are Rs 20 and Rs 110 during the sunrise and sunset. Some time back, Supreme court did allow for night viewing/ full moon night of the Taj. But now this practice has now been halted.
- As far as reaching Taj Mahal is concerned. Agra is easily accessible by air, rail and road, so getting there should not be a problem. One can reach Taj Mahal by hiring an auto-rickshaw, tongas and battery operates buses as the area around Taj Mahal is pollution free zone so battery and diesel cars are not allowed around the monument.

Taj Mahal:
Taj Mahal is the epitome of love which is renowned for its immeasurable architectural beauty and inlay decoration. This undying symbol of love is the most visited monument of India which is known for its architectural marvel representing best of man made wonders. Taj Mahal is the wonder of modern day architecture which makes it one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its fusion of Indo-Islamic architectures, inlay decorations, lattice work and calligraphic representations. This is the symbol of love which was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, with whom he fell in love at the first sight.

This edifice of love is the encrypted symbol of love carved out of the white marble which took 22 years to be build by 20,000 skilled artisans. The exquisiteness of this superb architecture is personified by the cryptic calligraphy all over the complex. Taj Mahal is renowned for its delicate pierce work, Arch of Jali, Inlay detail, Incised painting and Herringbone.

Fatehpur Sikri:
This Architectural fort was built during the second half of the 16th century by the Emperor Akbar. Fatehpur Sikri means the City of Victory which was the capital of the Mughal Empire for only 10 years. The complex grand fort includes monuments and temples all in a uniform architectural style which includes one of the largest mosques in India, the Jama Masjid. Some of the well known attractions of this palace are Diwan-I-Am or the Hall Of Public Audience which is famous for its Beautiful jali screen work.
Diwan-khana-I-khaas or Hall of Private Audience is famous for its single vaulted chamber. In the center of this stands a profusely carved column. Some other known attractions of this place are Panch Mahal, Buland Darwaza, Hawa Mahal, Nagina Masjid, Daulat khana-I-khas, the Treasury and many more.

Jama Masjid Agra:
This Mosque is famous for its architectural pattern which showcases the assimilation of Indo - Iranian construction pattern. The beauty of this place lies in its rectangular open forecourt with no minarets. It is known for its striking marble pattern of sandstone domes which captivates visitor's attention.
Some of the other well known Golden Triangle attractions of this place are Sikandra in Agra, Rambagh in AgraTaj Agra, Agra Fort and many more.

Taj Mahal Golden Triangle Tour is one of the most famous tours of Golden Triangle India Tourism. Taj Mahal is visited by almost each and every tourist who comes to India. This magnificent mausoleum is among the Seven Wonders of the World which was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.

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