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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Popular Golden triangle cities of North India


As is truly stated that India’s soul lies a destination which enjoys a perfect blend of opportunities and ethics. Undoubtedly years after years, the heart of every traveller and every citizen lies in one of the most welcoming Golden triangle places of India which is none other than the North India.
 The dynamic yet hospitable states within North India are unique in every aspect and also form an integral part in the global map. The capital city of India that is, Delhi also lies in North India which too makes it evident that North India ought to be an enhancing bundle of joy and happiness. Also it is aptly stated that in Delhi the rich Golden triangle Cultural Heritage  of monuments and Parliament House add a cherry to the icing cake and shopping experiences of Old Delhi are so phenomenal that it has made North India what it is today. Not to forget the shopping of spices, jewellery and clothes which are Delhi’s engaging factors for every new and old visitor.

Other places of interest within North India include Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Agra, Jaipur etc. These are known as Golden Triangle Cities of North India.Each and every state within North India Golden Triangle Tours has a unique contribution to make and it shares a great diversity in its totality. Starting with Jaisalmer, the camel safaris are highly popular which gives a rejoicing experience when visited on an adventurous voyage. In Jodhpur the view of the famous forts brings within a wave of cultural sanctity and brings forth rich silk and traditional artifacts which are exceptionally beautiful.

Next in the row is Udaipur which is believed to be a paradise for the North India Honeymoon Tours as it is so artistically and romantically planned that the new weds thoroughly enjoy the scenic beauty in and around Udaipur. As we move up the North India ladder one reaches the holy and spiritual place Pushkar Tour which has the famous Savitri temple. In that mood of positive a visit to Jaipur works well as it is the land of royals which welcomes the tourists with its ornamental lifestyle.

The bird sanctuary of Bharatpur and Taj Mahal of Agra are some of the other important Golden Triangle destinations within North India. They are truly revered for their historical reasons and looked on with great pride. Soon the energies double with Varanasi, the holy city of India where most saints and hermits have nestled down and are constantly maintaining the sanctity of the place. Finally, India’s proud city Kolkata makes you feel very relaxed with its beautiful backwaters. The music and instruments flow through every corner of the this place and makes it simply adorable.

This indeed is the truth of the very own of North India which has remained the heart of India. Your one visit will say it all.

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