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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Great Rajasthan Desert Tour

Rajasthan the greatly desired destination is internationally renowned for being an abode of the most royal and classy tourist attractions. Rajasthan as most of us are aware is the largest state of India and just like its geographical size it houses enormous attractions which allures the tourists and tempts them to visit and re visit this majestic state. Rajasthan has been adorned with almost all of the alluring features that travelers want to explore during his journey. Rajasthan being an abode of the Great Indian Desert has been blessed with a prosperous desert terrain which is not only replete with manmade marvels but is equally affluent in natural wonders.

Rajasthan takes pride in its rich cultural heritage as this fascinating heritage largely contributed in its tourism and has made it among the most distinctive states of India. Most of the world is aware of the exclusive significance of India and culture heritage is among those distinctive facets which contribute in its exclusiveness. Rajasthan is the most captivating destination which incorporates the most marvelous heritages sites of India. There are certain cities of Rajasthan that exceptionally showcase the outstanding heritage of India and glorify the desert terrain of this largest state of India. The cultural heritage of Rajasthan primarily incorporates the lavish palaces, fortified forts, splendid monuments and certain attractive architectural edifices. Some of those magnificent cities which represent the splendid regality of this desert state are Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jodhpur etc. Besides the cultural heritage one can explore the glorious museums which will give you an insight of the legendary past of the Maharajas with their rare belongings and antiques of the royal palaces. Places to Visit in Agra

Rajasthan Tour – Now you must be wondering that Rajasthan is all about heritage but I must say if this is what going on in your mind then you are mistaken. Rajasthan is much beyond heritage as it is a place which is replete with amazing attractions including the rare traditions, exceptional culture, vibrant bazaars, vivacious fairs and festivals, intriguing handicrafts etc. Not only that, this intriguing desert terrain of Rajasthan incorporates magnetizing lakes, marvelously designed gardens and pristine hill stations too. Mount Abu stands as the most beautiful region by being the single hill station present in Rajasthan and comprises astonishingly soothing atmosphere amidst this desert state of India. Udaipur on the other hand provides the most comforting and pleasant ambiance with its tranquil lakes and magnificently constructed palaces.

Apart from that Rajasthan stands as a place which is best suited for wildlife enthusiast as this desert terrain has been exceptionally affluent in housing the most striking wild species of India and has been adorned with beautiful national parks and sanctuaries. So come to Rajasthan and witness this royally affluent and naturally beautiful desert territory of India.

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