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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Information About Khajuraho Temple

One of the oldest cities, Khajuraho is a tiny village in the Madhya Pradesh state in India that is globally known for its ancient temples. The most fascinating part of the Khajuraho temples is its sculptural art which is simply alluring. Most of the precious stone works has been implicated in the temples which are very exquisite and intricate. One can also get amazed to see its engraving that is highly sensual and erotic. Plenty of religious places in this town have been erected in 9th and 10th century AD by the impressive Chandela rulers.

 Khajuraho Temple - Khajuraho inbounds plethora of traditional temples that are divided into three groups, named as Western, Eastern and Southern. The western group is believed to be the most favored division amongst devotees because it belongs to the Kandariya Mahadev. One of the largest holy places in Khajuraho is Kandariya Mahadev that is visited by thousands of people to explore ultimately carved 900 statues, placed inside it. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is about 31 m high with a display of marvelously intricate ceilings.
If we talk more about its beauty, then you must see beautifully shaped outer walls. Moreover, the icons of Hindu pantheon are witnessed on three horizontal panels that look simply outstanding. On the other hand, Chausant Yogini is the most frequently visited destination that is built with the granite stone. Bestowed to goddess Kali, it is the ancient temple that is still worshipped by countless devotees since 900 AD.What to See in India

One of the Jain divisions, Parsawanatha Temple is still surviving in the largest eastern group that was established in 1860. The magnificent sculptors of this holy destination tell you ongoing day to day activities of a person. The largest group also adds Adhinath Temple as a major landmark in Khajuraho which is associated to the Jain Saints. Additionally, Ghantai Temple is praise worthy scared place in this world for housing 16 dreams of Mahavira's mother. The Brahma and Hanuman temple is also a granite sandstone building at Khajuraho.Where to Stay in India

Khajuraho has Duladeo and the Chaturbhuja temples in its southern group. Duladeo is also the Temple in the southwest of Khajuraho that is new and highly creative. The unique element of this place is wooden structure that is truly innovative in this village. On the other hand, Chaturbhuja is another prettiest scared destination that lies far from the village. A 3-m-high statue of Vishnu is the prime highlight of this temple to explore.Taj Mahal Tour Packages

Well, temples in Khajuraho showcase the pure essence of God in our country that must be witnessed once in your life.

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